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Animations of whatever you want!
PAYPAL - $5.00 USD (Any size is good! You can request an amount of frames, but it might get more expensive)

*Prices vary depending on complexity, PM me for details. They could be lower if you wanted something less detailed, like an eye blinking animation.*
Sketch Comic
A comic about whatever you'd like!
PAYPAL - $4.00 USD (I could add color and shading, but the price would go up, depending on complexity.)
Colored Picture
A colored picture of anything you'd like!
PAYPAL - $3.00 USD (Each additional character, or a background, would be an extra 2 dollars.)
Custom Design
I can create any design you'd like ~
PAYPAL - $2.00
(Coloring would be 2 extra dollars, or 200 points)
More Detailed Sketch
A more detailed sketch of whatever you want ~
PAYPAL - $1.50 USD (Each additional character would be only 1 dollar, or 100 points)
A more simple sketch of whatever you want ~
PAYPAL - $1.00 USD (every additional character will be 50 more points, or 50 cents.)

Newest Deviations

Sam's Shoos: ALL OF THEM by GigaB00ts Sam's Shoos: ALL OF THEM :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 21 15 j u n e c d c d a y 3 0 - ? ? ? ? ? by GigaB00ts j u n e c d c d a y 3 0 - ? ? ? ? ? :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 9 12 June CDC Day 29 - Alice by GigaB00ts June CDC Day 29 - Alice :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 26 13 June CDC Day 28 - Gina by GigaB00ts June CDC Day 28 - Gina :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 11 13 June CDC Day 27 - Joey by GigaB00ts June CDC Day 27 - Joey :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 6 0 June CDC Day 26 - Lilacs Body by GigaB00ts June CDC Day 26 - Lilacs Body :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 20 12 June CDC Day 25 - Doodleman by GigaB00ts June CDC Day 25 - Doodleman :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 5 6 June CDC Day 24 - Brazen and Belcher by GigaB00ts June CDC Day 24 - Brazen and Belcher :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 13 2 June CDC Day 23 - Blanca by GigaB00ts June CDC Day 23 - Blanca :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 9 5 June CDC Day 22 - Grand Gumble (and Tumble) by GigaB00ts June CDC Day 22 - Grand Gumble (and Tumble) :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 10 3 June CDC Day 21 - Krampus by GigaB00ts June CDC Day 21 - Krampus :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 8 3 June CDC Day 20 - North Witch by GigaB00ts June CDC Day 20 - North Witch :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 14 2 June CDC Day 19 - Stufflepop by GigaB00ts June CDC Day 19 - Stufflepop :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 9 1 June CDC Day 18 - Nyantis by GigaB00ts June CDC Day 18 - Nyantis :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 11 3 June CDC Day 17 - Hardware and Software by GigaB00ts June CDC Day 17 - Hardware and Software :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 12 3 June CDC Day 16 - Mishmash by GigaB00ts June CDC Day 16 - Mishmash :icongigab00ts:GigaB00ts 10 2
My comics are what I'm most proud of, so give those a look if you're interested. Careful, though, it's mostly Pokemon.

Random Favourites

Sinking feeling by Stormful
Mature content
Sinking feeling :iconstormful:Stormful 26 7
Jan 28 by Stormful Jan 28 :iconstormful:Stormful 80 8 Rotom rainbow! by Eledora Rotom rainbow! :iconeledora:Eledora 263 25 Chip by BluC Chip :iconbluc:BluC 678 20 Art Trade - Muse and Peridot by SketchBookOaP Art Trade - Muse and Peridot :iconsketchbookoap:SketchBookOaP 376 35 Some dead guy haunting a coat rack by Inkitsuyasha Some dead guy haunting a coat rack :iconinkitsuyasha:Inkitsuyasha 14 3 Ozo-Broly with Sax by ShynTheTruth Ozo-Broly with Sax :iconshynthetruth:ShynTheTruth 162 86 Art Trade with GigaPichu~ by ChitChatCafe Art Trade with GigaPichu~ :iconchitchatcafe:ChitChatCafe 20 2 Lily Super Money God (Commission) by Alkogolik Lily Super Money God (Commission) :iconalkogolik:Alkogolik 38 8 Commission for GigaPichu~ by ChitChatCafe Commission for GigaPichu~ :iconchitchatcafe:ChitChatCafe 30 5 Adopted by jellyskink Adopted :iconjellyskink:jellyskink 6 4 BONUS FRIES BONUS SURPRISE by Zeurel BONUS FRIES BONUS SURPRISE :iconzeurel:Zeurel 989 217 Moose Chub Chode House by MooseGutstheThird Moose Chub Chode House :iconmoosegutsthethird:MooseGutstheThird 12 4
I barely favorite anything.

But I do sometimes.



OOZING WITH CREATIVITY (almost literally) The idea of a shapeshifter that cant perfectly shapeshift is a really cool concept, and it wo...

I think this had quite a good job done on it, a very wise, mystical pose combined with wise/crazy words in the backround make this a wi...


Sam's Shoos: ALL OF THEM
(or at least, all the ones made by me and TheEndlessBlackAbyss )

These are all the 'most canon' shoos, since they were not created by other people. They're the ones Sam will encounter and use on her main journey! Theres quite a few, about 80 pairs to be exact. There will eventually be full info on all of them, but until then you can see them all right here!!
j u n e c d c d a y 3 0 - ? ? ? ? ?


AA  WWo,of,,rlld A

nn  ,Exi,sttee.nccr

e;eMinuIsst hhe j,oyss;o;; ffLiif,e,..,

a.nd..d thee rreeL Lif ffoof  dd,eaath,h,.

Wh,,h,eR,,Re thhe   ..nOll y  FFeeeelldi;ingn si  ppa,a inn

thh̕e,͞, ͡o̧nl̵ņn͠y ͟,,enņstt҉,͜r̛e͞e̸t ̨a̶tt̨i͠.̶n̛n̶,͠,me͠;e̷n͝ntt̸..͡ ͡i̷ ͜i̡s͞s̢;̡;͏ w͢waa͝r̕r͘

t̷t҉͘h͠ee҉ ́,̷̛͝,͢O͟͏̛n̛͡n̸f̛͡l҉̨y҉l ͢͞r̴̕͝;̸;́͘͝r҉̢ȩ;̵̨͢;̢̨͠e̢͘҉l͝ì̸̢g̶͠i̧;͏o͢ì̧͝.̡͟.̸̡͠i͘͠n̸̨ i̧s,,̷̛s̡ ̛̀͢IN̛͘;̷;̀͡͡Ǹ҉̡e͟,,̵̴ę̴͠

̷;̢͡;͡a̵̛͜a̧̧̧̕n̴̢͘͞͞,́̕͟͞n̸d̶̸͢͠ḑ̵͠͝ ҉̡́͜.̧́͢.͞t̛͏̨҉͟h̵̷͢͝h̨́́ȩ̴̴͡,̡̢̨̀é̵̀,̸̶̴̨͞ ͘͟͢o͞o̢͘̕͘̕n̸͢͞͠o͠͏͡͞o͟,̴̢͏̢͠l̷͞l̵̡̛͢y̴̢y̧͠ ͏̷̵̨͠g̀҉͏g̕͠ǫ̧͟͞o͟͞ḑ̕͞,̡҉҉̡ ̵̶̛í̷́̀͝s͟͠҉ ̶́͢͜͜ ̸͝M̀M̸҉͘͜Í̴̢͠I̢N̶͞҉̸O̡̢͘D̷̡́́͢\̢̢͟҉;̴̷̢͡͏E͘͜͜͝
June CDC Day 29 - Alice

(One of my old favorites, im glad to bring her back)

This is Alice! She's a haunted car! She used to be a human, but thanks to an accident, now she's stuck in a car. Getting hit by a car is actually how she died, and the car she's inhabiting is the same car that hit her! Life can be cruel. Thankfully, she's feeling a lot better now. Originally she spent her time scaring people and chasing people around, doing her best monstrous ghostly roars, but now she's been recruited by North Witch to help Sam on her adventures! Alice is a real hothead, and gets angry very easily. She tends to get herself into trouble thanks to her temper, but thankfully she is easy to calm down. She really likes Sam, because shes so nice to her! Though she doesn't like North Witch very much...

Alice is able to go very fast thanks to her powerful car engine, and thanks to her reinforced ghostly metal skin, she can also bash her way through wall and such without getting (too) hurt. Her spirit has bonded with the car, so she can feel things through it. If her glass breaks, its basically the same as breaking a fingernail, and it will grow back eventually. Alice is also able to extend her wheels out to act like arms and legs, which is incredibly helpful for if she needs to fight someone, which is surprisingly often. She's kind of like a sentient mech suit! Lastly, thanks to her ghostly influence mixed with natural car physics, she is able to spew purple smoke and flames from her mouth, which do very nicely for distracting foes. Oh, and she can drive herself, of course. Though it isn't so much driving as it is simply moving. She only actually uses her engine when she needs to go fast or is going to attack, because it gives her a lot of extra force.

Also, the scarf she wears is her only memento of her past life, and her family. She will likely never see them again, so she keeps it around as to not forget who she used to be...
June CDC Day 28 - Gina

(This is indeed the tallest one yet)

This is Gina! She's a mutated school nurse. Or, more specifically, the right arm of a school nurse that became a massive creature! The original body is named Gila, and is now Ginas left arm. Gina is a diligent nurse, and is always ready to help an ailing child in need. At first most thought she was scary, but the school-goers quickly got used to their new giant monster nanny. Gina has a heart of gold, and wants nothing more than to help others. So much so, that she declines payment for her services, claiming that the smiles of the children are all she wants. This is the opposite of how Gila used to act, she hated everyone and everything, and only made this mutagen so she could turn everyone into her zombie slaves! Boy, did that backfire.

Gina is incredibly strong. Like, ridiculously so. If you need to move a mountain, Gina is probably the first person you'd call (though probably not a literal mountain, that would be too much.) Ginas claws are able to smash through nearly any material, though she has never used them for such. Shes actually filed her sharp nails down, in order to have much gentler touches. Ginas skin can withstand nearly any temperature or damage as well, making her nearly invincible. If you really wanted to kill her, which, i don't know WHY you would, you just need to attack her heart, as it is exposed. She should really have more covering that, but she tends to be too trusting...
most specifically Themeguy Vongulli and Stormful 

Time to divulge info about myself and my babies.



Tag 8 people you want to know better! (more like peeps i just like knowin facts about- miitomo only asks so much) 


My real name is Brendan Conroy, but usually people call me by my nicknames, Bernie and Giga

Star sign:

AQUARIUS. Behold my watery glory.

Average hours of sleep:

I sleep either very little or way too much, depending on how im currently feeling or what my schedule is. Ever since i started going to 8 AM classes i've been sleeping less, but that'll def change when summer hits haha.

Lucky Number:

I DONT EAT CHINESE FOOD ENOUGH TO KNOW THIS (ok maybe i do but, shut up)
My favorite number is like, 9, i think, does that count as a lucky number?

Last thing I googled:

"Anatomy of a Gnat"
i was working on a ref sheet for a character who is a Gnat... I like looking up scientific factoids for my absolutely ludicrous characters.

Favorite fictional character:

My longest running favorite character i think was Fawful from the Mario and Luigi games... He's one kooky cucumber.
But i have tons of characters i like so LIKE I SAID, BULLSHIT.

What are you wearing now?:

Jeans with a belt, socks and sneakers, some nike shirt my mom got on sale... for a guy who draws a lot of fancy clothes, i dont really dress very fancy. 

When did you start this account?:

Holy guacamole i made this account like 7 years ago i think... i only made the account so i could stalk artists i liked, until i figured out i could post my own terrible art. I think i've improved since then, or at least i hope i did lmao.

Amount of watchers:

Currently it looks like i've got 481... is that a lot? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THESE NUMBERS MEAN
I never keep track of my watchers on DA because it would probably just make me feel bad if i saw i lost any or something. 

What do you post?:

MOSTLY MY ART, in fact that's all i post. A lot of my weird OC's

Do you run any more blogs?:

Uhhhh i have a tumblr and a twitter but i don't do much on those other than screw around.
I have a furaffinity too for some reason but i don't think that counts as a blog

Do you get a lot of comments?:

Wahhh i don't know what constitutes as a lot of comments... I only get occasional comments so i guess not ;w;
Every comment i get does mean a lot to me because it means someone actually cares about my art, so thats nice.

Why did you choose this username?:

and there was that character Pichu who was like the worst character in the game
and at the end of adventure mode you fight bowser and then he gets transformed into Giga Bowser who is really scary and strong.
So i was like "Man, Pichu deserves that transformation because he sucks and bowser is really strong" even though bowser is like bottom 3 in the game
So i drew a weird and stupid fancharacter named Giga Pichu who had a giant thunder sword and a lava arm... and for some reason i made that my name forever on every website.


:icontheendlessblackabyss: :iconjellyskink: :iconspacecaptainorca: :iconmcp13: :iconflatw00ds: :iconpikaronii: :iconmoosegutsthethird: :iconpartulla:


First lets do my main OC Lilac:
Lilac - New Design by GigaB00ts

Here we got the rules:
1) Post 8 facts about your character
2) Tag 8 other characters
3) Post these rules
4) Post their names along w/ their creator's avatar

Lilac was the very first female character I ever created, and basically served as some anatomy practice before i covered her in faces.
2) Lilac has gone through the most changes out of any of my characters in her lifetime... Actually, she's probably my oldest character too. I've had her since i was really young. (though she looked incredibly different back then)
3) Lilac is Mexican, and her family are American Immigrants from Mexico. Her house has a lot of cultural stuff in it from her Mexican heritage
4) All of Lilacs mouths are creatures known as Fleshmouths, who are Aliens that now inhabit Earth after the destruction of their home planet. There are many of them all over the world (such as CDC - OCT 25 - Valverie ), and they survive by melding themselves with a host. Lilac ended up getting 7, thanks to unfortunate circumstances.
5) Lilac used to be a villain character for a completely different and now non-canon story i had, and her name was Slissith of the Shadows. Really corny and really lame. 
6) Lilac doesn't really like to socialize much, she's a bit introverted. That makes her having all those mouths even harder on her, and quite a bit more awkward. Though, she still manages to be a quite effective detective thanks to her extensive training and all the help she gets from her friends.
7) Lilac didn't believe in ghosts until she met several ghosts, which made her a firm believer that ghosts do in fact exist. That, and a few of them hang around with her now, making sure she would never forget that they do in fact exist.
8) Lilac would absolutely positively hate and be disgusted by finding out that anyone has a fetish for what she is. That fear only exists because she has been on the internet and knows it exists.

~ North Witch ~ Reference - The Haunted Library by GigaB00ts

1) I originally wanted to base her entire character arc off of another character from a video game, but i decided against it because that would be hella lazy and boring to do.
2) North comes from a Witch Guild, where she learned from some of the best Magicians around. This is probably why she's so powerful, along with the fact she has Santas Magic
3) North was originally going to be a Witch for Halloween, like most of the other witches of her Guild, but she felt that she liked Christmas more, and offered her services to Santa Claus instead.
4) North has a strong dislike for Naughty people, as in, people who make her Naughty list. So much so, that she is prone to lash out at one if she ever meets one face to face.
5) North actually did travel around the world in one night to deliver presents, but it proved to be so taxing on her that she had to resort to using help.
6) She is incredibly self-conscious of her abilities, and knows that she'll never be as good as the real Santa Claus was. That, along with not having been able to help him when he needed her most, still haunts her to this day, and she beats herself up over it.
7) North has been tempted several times to just give up being Santa Claus and let the whole thing fall to ruin, but deep down, she knows that she can't do it, no matter how much she'd want to.
8) I will probably always feel guilty about taking North before Stormful could


:icontheendlessblackabyss:  Jan 25 by TheEndlessBlackAbyss
:iconmcp13: <da:thumb id="587862106"/>
:iconstormful:  Reverb Ref - Haunted Library by Stormful
:iconvongulli:  UUUGH by Vongulli
:iconthemeguy:  [Haunted Library] Allan Elecio by Themeguy
:icontheflippmeister:  Day 30 and 31 - Chino and Reef Ref by TheFlippmeister

OF COURSE NONE OF YA HAVE TO DO ANY OF THESE IF YOU DONT WANT, I JUST TAGGED B/C I HAD TO (and i would be legitimately curious about these things)
  • Listening to: sick beatz
  • Reading: conspiracy theories
  • Watching: Youtube Videos
  • Playing: Smash Bros.
  • Eating: chicken tacos
  • Drinking: iced tea


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
GigaPichu Commission by NotSoDainty SurpriseBab! by NotSoDainty


My Name is Brendan, but I tend to prefer Bernie, or Giga.

I have a passion for drawing monsters, and generally crazy looking stuff. My favorite sort of monsters are inanimate objects that are possessed by some sort of force. I don't know why, I just ended up that way.

My best friend :iconjellyskink: and I are in the process of trying to make some amazing video games. Hopefully, everything works out for us and we can put some seriously awesome stuff out for the public to play.

also vault-cat / HauntedHomo / Ginsuke / NotSoDainty /Pietastic-Creations / Comickit / TwitchyHooligan / Pikaronii / witchpaws / MasterAvalon / Stormful / Immonia / scythemantis / phation / sqrlyjack etc are all rlly cool guys chek dem out

Current Residence: Long Island, NY
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Extra Large
Print preference: Standard? (idk what this means)
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock and Video Game music.
Favourite photographer: Don't have one
Favourite style of art: Pencil and Paper
Operating System: Windows XD
MP3 player of choice: IPod Nano.
Shell of choice: Koopa Shell
Wallpaper of choice: The Yellow Wallpaper
Skin of choice: Colorful stuff
Favourite cartoon character: My own characters, and my friends' characters.
Personal Quote: Just have fun.


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